How to choose a perfect lipstick shade that suits you?

Choosing a perfect lipstick shade is always a confusing task! Sometimes even by trying dozens of lipsticks, we are not satisfied. Alright, ladies now we have got a solution to this confusion! Now selecting lip colors will be as easy as shopping groceries. You can follow these tips and choose the perfect shade for you which will brighten up your face and will enhance your overall look.

Understanding Undertones:

Ever wondered why some colors suit more on you? making you look more radiating and fresh? While others give you a washed-out look? The answer to this “Undertone”. Undertone plays an important role while selecting colors.

So what is Undertone?

The color of your skin that is visible on the outside is known as “skin tone” Where we categorize skin tones under Light, Medium and Dark. Your skin tone can change with seasons temporarily like Suntan in Summers. While undertone is the color underneath the surface of your skin which also reflects on the outer skin tone, it doesn’t change and you cannot see it at first sight. This Undertone makes your overall skin look either cool or warm.

So the colors that have the same undertone as your skin does will always make you look more radiant and healthy.

Now let’s find out which undertone you have!

If your veins tend towards blue or purplish then you are having a “Cool Undertone”

If your veins look Greenish or olive green, then you are having a “Warm Undertone”

If you can’t say which color your veins are that means you are having a “Neutral Undertone”

Choosing Lipstick shades according to Your Undertone

Now that you know your Undertone, let’s find out how you can choose a lip color according to your undertone.

For Warm Undertones:

Since you come under warm undertone the best option for you is to go for the warmer shades having an undertone of colors like Orange, Yellow, Gold, Peach, etc. These colors will compliment your undertone and will make you look more fresh and radiant. Here are some shades that suit very well on the warm undertones:

Red with a shade of Orange: This shade is perfect for anyone under a warm undertone, who wishes to buy a Red Lipstick. A tinge of orange will compliment your undertone and will make you look more Healthy and Beautiful.

Nude Colors: In case you are looking for something simple like nude colors, which seems natural on your lips, then for Warm Undertone Peachish Nudes will do wonders. It goes very well with your undertone and brightens up your face.

Rust Brown: If you are looking for a classy yet sophisticated color like brown then Rust Brown is the best choice for Warm Undertone.

Coral colors: Coral colors looks amazing on warm undertones. Coral is a reddish or pinkish shade of orange. It’s best to give a fresh summer look.

Peachy Pinks: Pink being the most favored color, for warm undertones peachy pinks are best picks. They add a radiant and rich look to your face.

For Cool Undertones: If you come under Cool Undertones then you should choose colors that are having undertones of Blue, Purple, Pink. They will add a touch of freshness and will brighten up your face. Here are some shades that suit very well on the warm undertones

Purplish Red: For cool undertones Red shade with a tinge of purple works magic. It will compliment your undertone and will make you look more gorgeous.

Nude colors: Nude colors with a shade of pink is perfect for Cool Undertone. Pink ads a pop of freshness and makes you look young and healthy.

Chocolaty Brown: Looking for a bold and strong color like brown? Then Chocolaty Brown is the best pick for Cool undertones.

Rosy Pinks: Pink being the most common, the best pink shade for Cool Undertones is Rosy Pink, it matches perfectly with the undertone and adds a glow on your face.

Magenta: Magentas are perfect for Cool Undertones. Glam yourself up with this shade for any party or festive season. Magenta adds a rich look to your overall appearance.

For Neutral Undertones: You are the luckiest if you have this undertone as mostly all the shades will suit you and will make you look stunning and fresh!

So now that you know how undertones play an important role in selecting colors, we hope the next time you go shopping for lipsticks, it will not be a hassle or confusion for you anymore!