Benefits of Meditation

When it comes to meditation there are a number of benefits of meditation. Each human being does experience three different spheres in life. It includes physical, mental and emotional spheres. All these three spheres are linked together intrinsically. Any improvement in physical health automatically improves mental as well as emotional well-being.

Similarly, improvement in mental health leads to improvement in physical and emotional aspects.

A strong mental health influences, the way we think, feel and behave in our daily life. It also strengthens our ability to effectively cope up the stress, overcome challenges, build emotional relationships within the family and society, develop a positive attitude towards life and recover from any setback s or hardships. In the hope of relaxing ourselves mentally as well as physically, we often indulge ourselves with self-distracting behavior like smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. It may give you temporary relaxation. Such behavior further worsens the situation and leads you nowhere.

What is the conscious and subconscious mind?

The conscious mind contains all our previous memories, thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits and our wishes, etc . at any given moment. The subconscious mind acts much beyond it and serves as a reservoir of all such things. It remains active throughout and never gets tired.

The conscious mind represents only 10 percent of the total capacity of our mind. It can process a maximum of 9 items at a time. Whereas the subconscious mind stores a huge sum of data within it that we may or may not be aware of. It is like an iceberg below the surface of the sea.

Most of the time, our conscious mind has control over the subconscious mind and our subconscious mind simply obeys like a submissive servant.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a process of mental and physical relaxation. Through this process, we facilitate the subconscious mind to act independently without much being influenced by the conscious mind and hence we can concentrate more on a certain issue. This way, we can have a microscopic analysis of each aspect of the concerned issue. Such analysis helps you to align our conscious and subconscious mind concerning the situation and make an appropriate decision under any situation.

Benefits of meditation:

Meditation helps you buildup an inherent capability to cope up with difficult situations, face hardships and maintain a positive outlook. It enables you to bounce back from adversities, anxiety, and stress. It also helps you to remain focused, productive, flexible, less afraid of uncertain future and new experiences. It strengthens the belief in self and keeps you away from negativities. To experience all such benefits, it is important to practice meditation daily. It would not take much of your time once you adopt it in your daily routine. A habit of daily meditation would take you to the heights of pleasure and keep your mind fresh.

Benefits of meditation for students:

It is most beneficial for students who are engaged in mental activities and find it difficult to remember things. A regular meditation would shape up their personality and carrier. Students may experience following benefits by doing regular meditation:

  • Improvement in self-confidence
  • More focused and clarity of mind
  • Better physical, emotional and mental health
  • Enhancement in inner physical energy and mental power
  • Active mind and body

Physical benefits of meditation

Through the process of meditation, each cell of our body receives more astral energy and oxygen. This energy gives an immense natural freshness to our bodies. Regular meditation enhances the level of our happiness, calmness, creativity, and enthusiasm.

  • It reduces the lactate count in blood and controls the high blood pressure and hypertension
  • It reduces the physical fatigue caused due to the high blood pressure which includes mood-swing, insomnia, muscle, and joint pain
  • It improves the hormone called serotonin which is most commonly believed to be a neurotransmitter
  • It improves the immune system of the body
  • The enhanced levels of inner energy

Mental Benefits of meditation:

Meditation takes mind waves to alpha state which enhances the healing power. The brain becomes more active due to the supply of extra energy. It cleans up mental blocks and nourishes the brain. Whenever you feel emotionally upset, a practice of meditation makes you cool!

  • It reduces anxiety
  • It improves mental stability
  • It improves creativity
  • It enhances happiness
  • It develops intuition power
  • It keeps mind calm with clarity
  • It prepares you to handle difficult situations in an easy manner
  • It makes the mind sharp and expands the endurance level (low endurance level breeds up unnecessary anger, tension, and disappointment)
  • It makes the mind sharp and expands the endurance level (low endurance level breeds up unnecessary anger, tension, and disappointment)

Spiritual Benefits of meditation:

Meditation does not belong to any particular religion or sect. It is beneficial to everyone who believes in the existence of energy and nature.

  • It helps you to get rid of selfishness and enables you to understand that you are an an indivisible part of this nature
  • It gives you immense bliss, peace of mind and firm belief in natural laws
  • It makes you realize that if you follow the path of honesty then you will be exploring more about yourself and will develop harmony with nature.